Welcome to the Harmonic Sounds Online Academy.

Our online resource centre for our Healing Sound Therapy Courses with video courses available to purchase. Ideal for those who are unable to get to the physical workshops that we host around the world.

These well structured courses allow you exclusive access to our own video content to gain a better grounding in sound therapy.

All courses are presented by Michele Averard and Nestor Kornblum, directors and founder members of the International Association of Sound Therapy and HarmonicSounds®.

Both Nestor and Michele share their 25 years of experience and knowledge of Sound Therapy, presenting their courses in a highly practical and Holistic approach to healing in all aspects of Sound: The Voice, Overtone Singing, Himalayan singing bowls, Tuning Forks and more.

To read more about Michele, Nestor and the Association of Sound Therapy visit www.harmonicsounds.com by clicking on the Home tab.

These Online courses are filmed and edited at The Dome Center, taking place in The Dome itself, a hemispheric building especially designed for its spectacular acoustics. The courses are edited in The Dome Studios (TDS) our very own purpose built recording studio.