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Overtone Singing: The Essence of Harmony – The Science and Practise of Vocal Harmonics

LEARN TO SING TWO SOUNDS at the same time for Relaxation, Meditation, Self-Healing, creating healing music and Sound Therapy.

This experiential workshop by one of Europe’s foremost overtone singers and teachers will resolve these questions. An overview of the theory of overtone singing, its uses as a healing tool, as well as the basic and advanced techniques will be covered. Begin to harmonise with the Natural Scale by learning how to sing beautiful yet mathematically precise intervals with your voice. Nestor’s clarity and easy style guarantee an entertaining and highly practical experience. You will gain useful sonic tools to practise while singing along with the many exercises. You will receive the ability to sing up and down the overtone series. Nestor will include many demonstrations of Overtone Singing during the Course. All the practical exercises will be demonstrated by Nestor so that you can sing along with him and then practise on your own.


* What are overtones (harmonics)?
* The History and origins of Overtone singing, also known as Vocal harmonics.
* Harmonic Theory: from Pythagoras to the present
* The techniques of Overtone singing
* Harmonic Intervals and their relationship to Natural proportions.
* How overtones help us to resonate in harmony with Nature
* Plenty of practice!
* Exercises for learning the “Deep Voice” overtone techniques of Tibet and Tuva (Mongolia)
* This course counts as a module of our Sound Healer Diploma Training course, should you wish to complete the training.

Have you ever felt there is something missing when you listen to music? Are you vibrating in harmony with your Universe? Enter the world of the Voices of the Voice and the Sounds within the Sound!


Module 2 - Single Cavity Technique


Module 3 - Dual Cavity Technique